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Number of Sessions
Operation Time
15 – 45 Minutes
Persistence of Results
Varies by Treatment
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Every season
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What is Red Touch?

Red Touch can be briefly defined as a collagen selective laser application. It is a system that utilises laser beams with a wavelength of 675 nm and is designed to stimulate collagen fibers only. It has been shown in studies conducted by Swiss scientists at the University of Zurich that a wavelength of 675 nm especially increases the rate of collagen production.

Red Touch creates thermal damage that can directly trigger collagen production, which in turn stimulates collagen, which is the building block of the skin, and increases its production. Thus, it aims to revitalize and tighten the skin. It is generally used in people with mild or moderate skin sagging. It reduces the effects of aging and provides tightness on the skin.

It does not trigger melanocytes. Thus, it does not cause skin patches or worsen existing discolorations. Although laser treatment applications are generally avoided in people with acne problems or melasma, Red Touch can also be used safely on people with acne or melasma and those receiving acne treatment.

It is an alternative treatment for those who do not wish to have procedures involving needles or who do not want their skin to peel and flake after the procedure. The procedure does not cause sensitivity afterwards, and the recovery period is very short.

At the same time, when combined with mesotherapy, thread face suspension or filler applications, it ensures that the results are longer lasting. The effects of Red Touch, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles, tightens the skin and helps obtain a smoother skin, can be seen after the first session.

What Are The Purposes of Red Touch Application?

  • Removing wrinkles on the skin,
  • Increasing skin elasticity,
  • Removing wrinkles and sagging on the neck,
  • Removing wrinkles around the lips,
  • Treating acne,
  • Removing scars that remain after acne treatment.

How Is The Procedure Carried Out?

Before the application, the face is cleansed and a gel is applied. Having a built in cooler on the probe of the device makes the procedure more comfortable.

How Many Sessions Are Required?

The number of sessions of Red Touch varies depending on the person and the person’s needs. As in every procedure, the number of sessions required is determined by the doctor depending on the treatment. 3 sessions are usually recommended, carried out once per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

It can be easily applied to anyone, regardless of age.

No, it is not a painful procedure.

It has no side effects.

Depending on the treatment applied, the results can be seen from the first session.

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